Standard (2,000 product) E-Commerce Turnkey Website:

We will build you a brand new, fully functional online store. Choose the items you want to sell, mark them up and start promoting. Once you order your new website you will receive a series of emails containing usernames and passwords that will allow you to login to our system right away. If you already know the name of the website that you want we can order it right away, or you can think about it and let us know the name you choose. If you need help choosing a name you can always contact our support team at (888) 959-7104. 


Ready To Start A Store Online?

We will build your very own e-commerce website with a fully functional point and click back office that allows you to easily control the design of your site, manage the inventory you want to add to your site, track orders as they come in, link social media accounts and more. We offer screen share training and each new member will be linked with a personal account manager that can help teach you how to login and use your website.

Costs To Start Your Own Store:

Each startup store requires a one-time set up fee that’s followed by monthly service fees. Our service fees will vary based on your commitment level, however the “service” stays the same. It includes hosting, tech support, customer support, and training. The One- Time fee is dictated by the size of your store. The options are as follows:

One Time Fees:

  • Starter ($249): a 500 item webstore. This website will carry  up to 500 items at a time.
  • Standard ($499): A 2,000 item webstore. This website will carry up to 2,000 items at a time.
  • Advanced ($999) : A 5,000 item webstore. This website will carry up to 5,000 items at a time.
  • Premium ($1,499) : A 10,000 item webstore. This website will carry up to 10,000 items at a time.
  • Custom ($1,499+) : Looking for a custom solution? Contact us for a free quote.

Monthly Service Fees (First month is free):

  • $49.99 per month is a month to month contract that you can cancel at any time. (DEFAULT)
  • $39.99 per month is a 6 month contractual commitment. (REQUIRES SIGNED CONTRACT)
  • $29.99 per month is a one year contractual commitment. (REQUIRES SIGNED CONTRACT)

Our turnkey system is user friendly, allowing you to manage the entire website with the point and click of a mouse. You’ll be able to add featured items to your home page, add and remove items at any time, change colors and header images on your website, manage orders and commissions, link social media accounts and more.

Orders are NOT final until invoices and contracts are signed. Once we process your order you will receive a series of emails with information about your next steps. Be sure to contact us, or call (888) 959-7104 if you need assistance.


Additional information

Monthly Service Fee

Month To Month No Contract @ $49.99/mo., 6 Month Contract @ $39.99/mo., 12 Month Contract @ $29.99/mo.


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